[ ART ] Adventures in Mini Painting

So, I finally finished up work on our new Heroforge miniatures!  They’re painted, sealed, and ready for play in our game on Saturday.  All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, which is saying something for me.  I usually hate everything I do.

There were a lot of smaller details that I, hopefully, managed to get in.  I think waiting the full day for the primer to fully set is a much better idea.  Still trying to get the hang of drybrushing highlights and tone washing the nooks, crannies, and shadowy places, but I’m getting better with every mini!



[ ART ] Adventures in Mini Painting

And here we are for another exciting adventure in miniature painting with yours truly!  Today, I’m excited to say that I got in my fancy new Heroforge minature of my bard, Timoura Silverstrings, whom I am playing in Tales from the Yawning Portal this season with the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League.  So, color me all kinds of giddy!  (Painting pun totally intended…)

I was so ready to get started that I forgot to take pictures of the miniature as it came out of the box.  The new plastic material from Shapeways feels really sturdy, an improvement over the flimsy plastic that broke on friends’ who ordered earlier miniatures.  There’s something to be said on waiting a few months when a new service or product comes out; it gives them time to work out the kinks. There were a few imperfections and artifacts on the edges that needed trimming, but overall they were exactly as we ordered them.  We were quite pleased!

If you’ve seen my recent artwork of Timoura on this blog, then you likely already know the color scheme for her.  A lot of blues, because blue is my favorite color.  Do I need any other reason?

heroforge-timoura-001I’m still trying to figure out the best primer coat to use, this was brush painted on instead of spray painted, but the Vallejo Surface Primer I used seemed kind of flaky to begin with.  That is likely my own fault for not letting it dry long enough.  My husband’s Heroforge of his gnome rogue might go over better, since I’m leaving it to dry for well over a day.  This one I painted after a few hours.  (I was eager to paint, okay!)

That said, I’m still rather pleased at how it’s turned out so far.  I even did some drybrushing and tone washing!  Go me!  The mini looks a little “chalky” here in the picture, but that might be my silly smartphone camera.  It hates to try and focus on small things like this.  I might have to break out my trusty Canon Rebel for this level of macro photography to get a decent picture.

I need to get some flocking for the base, though to hide all that unsightly primer!  Maybe some nice grass.  I’ll have to check with Ettin Games & Hobbies!


[ ART ] Adventures in Mini Painting

darksword-easley-bardI occasionally enjoy painting miniatures for my various Dungeons & Dragons characters.  It is, at best, a side-line hobby so far, though I’m becoming more and more invested as I buy more paint, brushes, and equipment.

I learned this week, however, that miniatures that require lots of piecing together are things that will, inevitably, frustrate me.  With my Rheumatoid Arthritis, I don’t have the same digital mobility that I used to.  Things that require very fine or deft motor skill are oftentimes beyond me because it either hurts my hands or they shake too much to be useful.  This particular miniature is a beautiful one from Darksword Minatures and their Easley Masterworks collection. I thought it would make a lovely miniature for my current Aasimar Bard (at least until I get in the new Heroforge Miniature I just ordered…)

Believe it or not, this miniature comes in three separate parts.  It doesn’t say that anywhere on the packaging or on the website to order.  Her right arm with the lute is one piece, her main body on the rock is another, then her left boot is the third.  My husband and I both tried to get the lute arm to line up correctly, but it was really a choice of whether we wanted her right arm to line up or whether we wanted her left hand to line up, we could never achieve both.  Her left boot was a tiny, hard to deal with space when you’re trying to hold something together with glue.  I ended up just kind of wedging it in there and hoping it stuck.

I probably should have assumed off the bat that this was the kind of miniature meant for “advanced painters” but it was so lovely that I couldn’t resist.  I learned my lesson about researching miniatures fully before buying.  Still, while the miniature isn’t as picture perfect as I would have hoped, I think I still managed something nice.