Story Serials

Legend of Atar

Long ago, Mankind believed in magic.  However, as years progressed, He became more and more enthralled by technology and his own efforts to become God-like through creation and experimentation.  Eventually, magic became a forgotten ideal; the stuff of legend and myth.  As Man’s belief faded so, too, did magic and all the creatures who depended upon it began to seek ways to preserve themselves.

The Elves hid themselves in the forests, surrounded by Dryads who locked themselves away in their trees.  Dragons secreted themselves deep in the belly of the world’s volcanoes, content to hibernate through the foolishness of Man.  What few Unicorns remained fled into the sea, changing their shapes into narwhals.

So now, the world of magic waits on the brink of extinction, hoping for some sign that the belief of Man will return.  Hope that they, too, will not fade into Nothingness.

The Cherished

Generations beyond number, the Knights of the Cherished have been guided by the spirits of their ancestors; each man hearing someone from his past, but only one, for more than one Voice would be sure to drive someone mad.  Yet, Haelyra von Glisen is one such person; someone who can hear a vast number of The Cherished all at once.  Denounced as a witch, defamed as a heretic, she must find a way to either silence the Voices or discover what it is they want from her.


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