[ ART ] Adventures in Mini Painting

darksword-easley-bardI occasionally enjoy painting miniatures for my various Dungeons & Dragons characters.  It is, at best, a side-line hobby so far, though I’m becoming more and more invested as I buy more paint, brushes, and equipment.

I learned this week, however, that miniatures that require lots of piecing together are things that will, inevitably, frustrate me.  With my Rheumatoid Arthritis, I don’t have the same digital mobility that I used to.  Things that require very fine or deft motor skill are oftentimes beyond me because it either hurts my hands or they shake too much to be useful.  This particular miniature is a beautiful one from Darksword Minatures and their Easley Masterworks collection. I thought it would make a lovely miniature for my current Aasimar Bard (at least until I get in the new Heroforge Miniature I just ordered…)

Believe it or not, this miniature comes in three separate parts.  It doesn’t say that anywhere on the packaging or on the website to order.  Her right arm with the lute is one piece, her main body on the rock is another, then her left boot is the third.  My husband and I both tried to get the lute arm to line up correctly, but it was really a choice of whether we wanted her right arm to line up or whether we wanted her left hand to line up, we could never achieve both.  Her left boot was a tiny, hard to deal with space when you’re trying to hold something together with glue.  I ended up just kind of wedging it in there and hoping it stuck.

I probably should have assumed off the bat that this was the kind of miniature meant for “advanced painters” but it was so lovely that I couldn’t resist.  I learned my lesson about researching miniatures fully before buying.  Still, while the miniature isn’t as picture perfect as I would have hoped, I think I still managed something nice.

[ D&D ] TFYP: Day One

This is the adventuring journal of Timoura Silverstrings, Bard and Harper, as we make our way through the sixth season of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League: Tales From the Yawning Portal.  Reading beyond this point may result in spoilers if you are playing or plan to play through this adventure.


As tasked by the Harpers, I arrived in the town of Oakhurst to seek out any information concerning one of our agents that has gone missing, part of an adventuring party looking into the mysterious Sunless Citadel.  Beyond that small tidbit of information, my contacts gave me nothing further, so it falls now to me to uncover the truth of what has gone on…


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[ MANW 2017 ] Wednesday Check-in

march200Here’s my Wednesday check-in for Monica Valentinelli’s Make Art Not War challenge!  As a reminder, these were my pledges for this year:

  • I will devote one hour every night to creating, be it art, photography or writing, whichever I’m inspired by.
  • I will spend one hour every night reading; a creative mind needs time in other creative works to be inspired!
  • I pledge to engage my audience more through various social media outlets by checking in with them at least twice a week.
  • If I don’t make my pledges, then I will hold myself accountable the following day and make up the time I didn’t spend.


Since today (well, yesterday, technically…) is International Women’s Day, Monica asked us to honor women within our circles.  First and foremost among writers, I’d like to thank Monica Valentinelli for always being such an inspiring person.  I very much admire all the work she’s done both as a writer and within the gaming industry.  I would be remiss not to mention Margaret Weis as an ever-present source of inspiration and admiration.  I’ve spent innumerable hours in the various worlds and among the characters she’s created.  I don’t think my reading life would be the same without them!

Among artists, I’m an avid admirer of Faebelina whose art and creativity have been a source of joy and inspiration for years!  There’s also the amazingly talented  Amanda whose art I’ve watched blossom in the past few years I’ve known her.

This is just a small sampling of the amazing ladies I’ve been inspired by over the years, but they’re all worth taking the time to wander by and sample their creative offerings.  That’s all for this week, I’ll see you next time!

Happy creating!

On my To-Do List:

  • Need to get back on the rails with Siege of Arey.  
  • Get back to practicing with full body models.