[ ART ] Fairview High: Brandi

I have long been a fan of Fairview High and with creator Aaron Romo talking about making a come-back with it, well, I couldn’t resist making some fan art!



[ ART ] Patreon Reward: FFXIV OC

Whew!  It’s been a rough couple of months here in Real Life Land, but I’m back to creating art and painting miniatures!  We’re resuming your regularly scheduled creativity with this month’s Patreon reward in the form of Final Fantasy XIV original character, Ellisorielle Black of Balmung in some lovely Doman-inspired wear for the new Stormblood expansion!

Interested in some art of your own?  I do work by commission!


[ ART ] Adventures in Mini Painting

So, I finally finished up work on our new Heroforge miniatures!  They’re painted, sealed, and ready for play in our game on Saturday.  All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, which is saying something for me.  I usually hate everything I do.

There were a lot of smaller details that I, hopefully, managed to get in.  I think waiting the full day for the primer to fully set is a much better idea.  Still trying to get the hang of drybrushing highlights and tone washing the nooks, crannies, and shadowy places, but I’m getting better with every mini!