[ ART ] Adventures in Mini Painting

So, I finally finished up work on our new Heroforge miniatures!  They’re painted, sealed, and ready for play in our game on Saturday.  All-in-all, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, which is saying something for me.  I usually hate everything I do.

There were a lot of smaller details that I, hopefully, managed to get in.  I think waiting the full day for the primer to fully set is a much better idea.  Still trying to get the hang of drybrushing highlights and tone washing the nooks, crannies, and shadowy places, but I’m getting better with every mini!



[ ART ] Adventures in Mini Painting

And here we are for another exciting adventure in miniature painting with yours truly!  Today, I’m excited to say that I got in my fancy new Heroforge minature of my bard, Timoura Silverstrings, whom I am playing in Tales from the Yawning Portal this season with the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League.  So, color me all kinds of giddy!  (Painting pun totally intended…)

I was so ready to get started that I forgot to take pictures of the miniature as it came out of the box.  The new plastic material from Shapeways feels really sturdy, an improvement over the flimsy plastic that broke on friends’ who ordered earlier miniatures.  There’s something to be said on waiting a few months when a new service or product comes out; it gives them time to work out the kinks. There were a few imperfections and artifacts on the edges that needed trimming, but overall they were exactly as we ordered them.  We were quite pleased!

If you’ve seen my recent artwork of Timoura on this blog, then you likely already know the color scheme for her.  A lot of blues, because blue is my favorite color.  Do I need any other reason?

heroforge-timoura-001I’m still trying to figure out the best primer coat to use, this was brush painted on instead of spray painted, but the Vallejo Surface Primer I used seemed kind of flaky to begin with.  That is likely my own fault for not letting it dry long enough.  My husband’s Heroforge of his gnome rogue might go over better, since I’m leaving it to dry for well over a day.  This one I painted after a few hours.  (I was eager to paint, okay!)

That said, I’m still rather pleased at how it’s turned out so far.  I even did some drybrushing and tone washing!  Go me!  The mini looks a little “chalky” here in the picture, but that might be my silly smartphone camera.  It hates to try and focus on small things like this.  I might have to break out my trusty Canon Rebel for this level of macro photography to get a decent picture.

I need to get some flocking for the base, though to hide all that unsightly primer!  Maybe some nice grass.  I’ll have to check with Ettin Games & Hobbies!


[ D&D ] International Tabletop Day!

It was a wonderful day of gaming out at Ettin Games & Hobbies for International Tabletop Day 2017!  

We had the amazing opportunity of playing in the Season Six Epic opener, The Relics of Khundrukar!  No spoilers here for those who haven’t gotten to play it, but it was a fantastically fun time with some great challenges along the way.  Our organizers kept everything running smoothly and we got down to the wire on the final battle, but still completed our mission with three minutes to spare!  It was great to watch both new players and old banding together toward a common goal. I really hope we see more of these epic campaigns because they’re a blast to play.  I’m looking forward to the next one!

Consider this my friendly reminder to support your local hobby shops.  A gaming community is only as strong as you, the gamers, make it but it’s shops like these that give us a home.

[ Books ] War of the Twins (Dragonlance: Legends, Vol. 2)


Artwork by Larry Elmore

So here we are, back again, as I finish up with War of the Twins!  The Army of Fistandantilus has reached the mountain fastness of the dwarven home of Thorbardin, but it’s no easy battle for either side as intrigue and betrayal runs amok!

As always with these discussions on books, if you’d rather read it for yourself first and avoid any potential spoilers, please turn back now!

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“Home isn’t supposed to change. It just stays there, waiting for you to come back. Home is someplace you say ‘My, this looks just like it did when I left!’ not ‘My, this looks like six million dragons flew in and wrecked the joint!’ Home is not a place for adventures, Caramon!”
– “Test of the Twins: Legends, Volume Three (Dragonlance Legends Book 3)” by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman
Start reading this book for free: http://a.co/23GGTHw

[ TV Show ] Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

tv-drquinnI just finished binge-watching this show over the past few weeks.  Yes, yes, I realize that it’s from the 90’s and I could be watching and talking about something current — and I will, at some point, I’m watching a few current shows that are worth talking about.  However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some old shows worth talking about, too!

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman has always stood out to me among TV shows primarily because of my love of character development.  (You guys haven’t heard me mention that before, have you?)  While there’s a lot about the show that’s predictable, trope-ridden, and saccharine it doesn’t lessen the fact that you get to watch several characters grow, change, and progress over the show’s seven-season run.  (Not including the two movies that came after…)  It isn’t just Michaela’s story that unfolds, but the stories of several other characters in burgeoning Colorado Springs.  And that is something I love about it.  The characters seem more real because their attitudes and opinions change over time.  You get a front row seat as they develop new ways of thinking and provoke new relationships.

Love is handled in better ways than I’ve seen in most shows, where characters meet and fall for each other in the span of one or two episodes.  Love stories here take place over entire seasons that grow and progress over time.  That isn’t to say that you can’t still predict who’s going to end up with who; they make characters interests in each other pretty clear from the onset, but at least it doesn’t actually happen overnight.

When it comes to choosing a favorite character, though, I have to say that I probably tend to favor the mercantile shopkeeper, Loren Bray.  Out of all the characters in the Dr. Quinn universe, he makes the most progress with his hide-bound attitudes and prejudices.  He is, by no means, perfect by the show’s end but he’s made considerable progress.  I’m a bit saddened, though, that he and Dorothy Jennings never end up together.  It’s pretty clear that she’s always been his one, true love.  But her feelings were never the same.

Something that surprised me about this show (because I’d apparently forgotten…) was the sheer number of social issues they ambitiously try to address during the course of the show; everything from feminism, racism and, classism,  a little bit of LGBTQ, even saving/preserving the environment.  All of it was handled fairly well and in a positive light, I think, trying to teach a lot of valuable moral and ethical lessons.

It’s certainly a TV show I enjoy and would happily recommend to others, especially if you want a show that’s relatively up-beat in spite of some of its more serious undertones on issues.  Just make sure you have some time to invest in it, because it’s a pretty long journey!


[ Books ] War of the Twins (Dragonlance, Legends Vol. 2)


Cover Art by Larry Elmore

We return to the world of Krynn, but are now in a different time than we left our heroes in Time of the Twins.  They’ve moved ahead some one-hundred years after the Cataclysm and stand on the precipice of the Dwarfgate Wars.

At this point in time, if you’ve only read Chronicles and this far in Legends, the Dwarfgate Wars likely don’t mean anything to you.  There’s a fair bit of lore-dropping in Dragonlance that later gets back-filled by other books in the franchise.  Suffice to say, you’re supposed to feel that the Dwarfgate Wars are a Pretty Important Event when it comes to the timeline.

As always, here is my convenient spoiler warning — don’t read past this point if you’re still enjoying the series on your own!

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