About the Author

The Writerholic is the online pen name of Angeli Pidcock, a writer, occasional artist, and hobbyist photographer.  She is also known as the the enigmatic “Pumyra” in the Lord of the Rings Online blogging community, or otherwise as the Player behind the legacy of “Gospel Lightfaith-Ravencrest” in the Earthen Ring community of World of Warcraft.  However, writing has always been a passion and not limited to works of fan fiction.

Mrs. Pidcock is a known fan and participant of National Novel Writing Month (affectionately known as NaNoWriMo to most) having finished her first NaNo Novel, The Journey of Excalibur, as part of the 2009 competition.  She is an avid writer of fantasy fiction, but hopes to branch out into mystery and literary fiction as well.

She resides near the metropolis of Houston, Texas where she spends her time in a comfortable home in the country with her husband and three cats.

She can be found online on Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk.


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