[ D&D ] TFYP: Session Three

This is the adventuring journal of Timoura Silverstrings, Bard and Harper, as we make our way through the sixth season of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League: Tales From the Yawning Portal.  Reading beyond this point may result in spoilers if you are playing or plan to play through this adventure.


After resting in Meepo’s lair, the party decided it was time to go and collect Erxidar.  However, we found the room infested with hobgoblins. We dealt with them handily, but one tried to bolt.  Awsht caught up with it and ended its days.  It fell into the pit we narrowly avoided on our way in. Two small goblin skeletons lay there, victims of their own trap, perhaps? Conkin went down into the pit to investigate, finding a few items of interest, but also another rat!  These small ones must look tasty. It didn’t last long after biting the druid. 


Upon returning to the spot we left Erxidar, we found her missing! Her tracks followed the others we’d found earlier through a door we’d skipped in our haste to help Meepo. Purloin rushed ahead, as usual her curiosity and habit of purloining things overriding her good sense. As she gathered caltrops from the floor, two goblins popped up over a wall at the end of the hall. 

Awsht and Morn were undeterred by the caltrops, charging through them to deal with the goblins in short order. In the room beyond, we found a goblin encampment of sorts.  We’d apparently interrupted them mid-dinner, given the cookpots that still bubbled over the fire.  By the time I arrived, Awsht was riddled with arrows, but not an enemy was to be seen. For a moment, anyway.  

Four more goblins appeared, surrounding Awsht, I attempted to cast a magical sleep over them, but with them jostling around I only managed to sleep one. Morn used their cookpot to splash their stew over them, successfully killing one with it.  Again, the remaining goblin fled, crossing through a room filled with frost, chains, and kobold remains. And a white wyrmling dragon. It decimated the goblin as it ran through, but very nearly did the same for Awsht and Morn. We subdued it without killing it, much to Meepo’s relief. Collecting the dragon, we began carrying it back to the kobolds. 

In one of the rooms we checked on our way back, there was a small cage barely containing the occupant — a gnome — along with several chained kobolds.  We released them all, locking the sleeping goblin in the cage instead. Upon our return to the kobolds, Meepo took the credit, the ingrate. At least they still rewarded us, although, I’m not sure how we ended up with more spell scrolls than we were promised…

…Dammit, Purloin!


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