[ D&D ] TFYP: Day Two

This is the adventuring journal of Timoura Silverstrings, Bard and Harper, as we make our way through the sixth season of the Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League: Tales From the Yawning Portal.  Reading beyond this point may result in spoilers if you are playing or plan to play through this adventure.


Erxidar, as it happens, was accidentally struck by the poisoned dart that Awsht triggered on the door. We realized this when the wizard fell asleep right in the middle of the room! Fortunately, we’d just emptied out a nice, cozy room to stow her in!   


Once she was safely closeted away, we carried on.  Purloin led the way into one of the two doors leading out of the room. It opened into a long room that was mostly empty; the item of the most interest was a door emblazoned with a dragon. A rat tried to bite Purloin as she went by, but the party made quick work of it. Ingwynn‘s inspection of some of the rubble yielded nothing of interest. Morn and Purloin found that the door’s lock was intricate and magically enhanced. Awsht tried to brute force it and earned a bruised hand for his efforts. 

 With no other immediate recourse, we backtracked to the previous room to investigate the other door. This led to another long room with three doors. The door of the most interest was decorated with a fresco of a dragon-like fish. Beyond was a small room that contained a seemingly empty keg which Awsht soon made a hole in. Two mephits burst forth at the destruction of their nest, one of ice and one of steam. While the party took care of them handily, it wasn’t without our share of injury. The mephits exploded upon death, jettisoning steam and ice in their immediate vicinity.  Within the keg, though, we found five sapphires. 

meepoMoving on to the remaining door in this hallway, it opened to an oddly-shaped room marred by strange green runes. Purloin stumbled, quite literally, on a kobold by name of Meepo who claimed that their dragon was stolen. Meepo offered to take us to its leader in order to discuss finding their missing dragon. The writing on the wall, according to the kobold, it was a warning of the presence of dragons. 

Meepo led us through the next room, yelling something about tickling corn…don’t ask me, I have no idea. There’s so much architecture revolving around dragons here, it’s unnerving. Especially since Conkin found evidence of a white dragon’s presence. We came to a halt in a dilapidated throne room, dominated by their leader, Yusdrayl, and its guards.  Behind the throne was a broken altar upon which sat several arcane artifacts, but of greater note was a silver key in the wall decoration. Could it be the key to the door we couldn’t open earlier?  Purloin managed to barter one of the sapphires for the key. 

The kobold led us down a new hallway to a room and it was here we found evidence of more human tracks, again one of them female. The missing party might still be alive then… Conkin saw that the tracks seemed to backtrack on themselves and the female tracks of our quarry headed through a side door. A large fountain nearby was unremarkable at first until the kobold spoke an incantation, “Let there be fire!” (Draconic)  A red liquid came forth that the kobold claimed was tasty. Morn took a flask of it. 

I think I need to check Purloin’s bags for cheese, for another pack of rats came out of the woodwork to attack. It was a tough battle for a bunch of rodents. Ingwynn was rendered unconscious by a particularly vicious bite. Awsht wasn’t far behind. The rest of us guthashescaped relatively unscathed. We managed to regroup at the kobold’s lair to recover. 

We returned to the area to find a room with some traps that had already been discovered. Another fountain lay here and the kobold activated something before anyone could stop him. It ended up poisoning half the party, but Purloin happened to purloin a curative potion somewhere.  I probably won’t ask where. In the room that followed we found the biggest rat yet! Dammit, Purloin!  

 We managed to kill the rat, Guthash the Bloated, much to the kobold’s relief.  


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