[ MANW 2017 ] Wednesday Check-in


Here’s my Wednesday check-in for Monica Valentinelli’s Make Art Not War challenge!  As a reminder, these were my pledges for this year:

  • I will devote one hour every night to creating, be it art, photography or writing, whichever I’m inspired by.
  • I will spend one hour every night reading; a creative mind needs time in other creative works to be inspired!
  • I pledge to engage my audience more through various social media outlets by checking in with them at least twice a week.
  • If I don’t make my pledges, then I will hold myself accountable the following day and make up the time I didn’t spend.


I confess, I totally fell off the wagon the last half of January.  Between the weather here in Houston playing merry havoc with my pain, as well as the emotional blow of losing a beloved friend — the creative energy simply wasn’t there.  In the past, I’d mentally and emotionally flog myself for my failure, but I’m kind of over that kind of self-abuse.

Instead, I’m just going to pick up where I left off and carry onward.  I’ve already got several blog posts prepped and will likely have a peppering of art, so everything is good in my book.


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