[ Books ] Time of the Twins (Dragonlance, Legends Vol. 1)



Cover Art by Larry Elmore

So, I finished reading Time of the Twins a while back!  I just haven’t gotten around to posting my thoughts on it.  Out of the three, I think that Time is the weakest of the three books.  Everything happens in such a crunch (Cataclysms are comin’, man!) that you don’t really get to experience much in the way of growth among the characters.  It’s all just hastily crammed together and the reader is just left wondering about character motives and consistency.


Don’t click to read more if you aren’t prepared for spoilers, though!

Caramon’s character development in this book is particularly weak.  It’s little more than a gladiator-training musical montage for all that we really see of it.  Yay, exercise and discipline made him lose weight and give up drinking — but we see little substance that changes his thoughts from “I’m going to kill my murderous, evil twin” to “oh, hey, maybe he’s just misunderstood…” when there’s really no motivation behind it.

Crysania sees very little character development in this one, too, despite by the end coming down off her pristine, pampered noble high horse.  We see a little rattling of the cage of her faith, but she continues on through the same hubris of thinking herself Paladine’s chosen.  I’m not sure why it isn’t equal to the Kingpriest’s faults, but then again… we are talking about Fizban here.  I suppose he’s allowed to be contrary.

I know both of these characters are rooted in their different (and toxic) forms of love for Raistlin, but they both ring hollow in Twins on a level that makes me, as a reader, sort of dismiss them into the backseat of the greater narrative.  I suppose, though, that may be intentional.  This story is about Raistlin, after all.  We see and learn more about Raistlin and his motivations, the things that drive him, and what he’s experienced to get to where he is.  With Caramon and Crysania relegated to these sort of lackluster “filler” characters, we really sort of find ourselves rooting for Raistlin and wanting to see how this all plays out.

Needless to say, by the end, you’re just kind of left shaking your head and wondering a lot about Caramon and Crysania — to say nothing of Tasslehoff who is mostly just occasional comic relief and a convenient plot device.  I suppose that’s par the course for Tas, he played a similar role in Dragonlance: Chronicles.

Despite all this, I still love the Legends trilogy and am already deep into War of the Twins, but I’ll have more on that next time!


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