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I’ve been revisiting some old friends lately.  The Dragonlance Saga of books, primarily by authors Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, have been a staple in my personal library since I was a teenager.  I read the Chronicles and Legends trilogies at least once a year, sometimes more than once.  Every time is like sitting down among a table of your best friends and playing the longest Dungeons & Dragons campaign of your lives.

Some might say that’s what makes Dragonlance so predictable.  Chronicles, in particular, reads very much like a D&D campaign and the characters are so iconic to their archetypes that you really kind of know them and how things are going to play out.  Isn’t that how friends should be, though?  Doesn’t that make it a good read, because you know these characters so well that they’re personified within your consciousness.

I’m currently reading Time of the Twinshaving just reached the part where Crysania, Tasslehoff, and Caramon have reached the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth and they’re with the Conclave trying to figure out what to do about Raistlin.

Ah, Raistlin… in my mind, the quintessential villain you can’t help but love.  I think Raistlin resonates with me even more since I was diagnosed with RA.  I mean, here’s a guy who struggles with pain and a mysterious affliction no one understands.  It causes him some setbacks, sure, and it changes him (some not for the better) but he still manages to move forward and better himself in his own way.  Crysania and Caramon mean well and they want what they feel is best for Raistlin, but it’s his life to live and his path to walk.

I have to say, though, I still dislike “love at first sight” romances.  I would much rather a relationship develop over time rather than have it burst into being like a jack-in-the-box.  I’m sure there are those who might argue that Raistlin and Crysania did slowly develop over time, but it’s said pretty early onward by Tika in the books that Crysania is in love.  At that point in the books, I think Crysania had visited with Raistlin twice?  Once at Astinus’ Library and twice at the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthas.

There’s a vague implication of time passage, though, so perhaps it was months between that first interaction at the Library and Crysania’s subsequent journey to save Raistlin from himself.  Perhaps, behind the curtain of storytelling, there were more, smaller interactions we weren’t privy to as readers.  That’s what I tell myself in comfort, anyway, rather than believe her love was superficially based off of two interactions.

Admittedly, I’m something of a hard-hearted witch when it comes to Caramon and his predicament, though.  He’s the co-dependent, anxiety-ridden, needs-to-be-needed kind of person that makes me want to reach out and choke a bitch.  Like his life has no value unless he has someone to fawn over 24/7.   Although, if he really needed that, he could have been helping Tika run the Inn of the Last Home for the past two years.  There are plenty of things he could have been doing to fill the void and to make himself useful, but — nope.  Baby brother said mean things to him (when didn’t Raistlin say mean things to him) and suddenly that was world-shattering!  Bah.

Thankfully, since these are old friends, and I’ve revisited their stories time and again, I know things get better and I can gloss over the things about their story that irk me (like any good friend does, right?)  I still plan on finishing this book and reading the rest of the trilogy, probably this week.

Have I mentioned I’m a voracious reader?  XD



6 thoughts on “[ Books ] Dragonlance: Legends

  1. I read Dragons of Autumn Twilight for the first time this year. Though being predictable, i quite enjoyed it and i’ll be going on with the series. It was not very very good written or anything but let’s be honest, it’s entertaining. Also, Raistlin. I rest my case.

    Wait. Bupu is probably the cutest thing that existed on the face of earth.

  2. I miss these books. The Weis and Hickman Dragonlance novels have always been favourites of mine and formed the core of my fantasy reading for most of my life. I even got to meet Tracy Hickman a couple years back, and he was a genuinely nice guy.

    • I read Chronicles and Legends at least once a year. It’s like visiting old friends. It’s also one of the first serials l recommend when asked about books! I couldn’t imagine my library without them.

      I, too, had occasion to sit and talk with Tracy and Laura at a small panel at Space City Con a few years ago. They were a delight. They even did a preview reading of “Unwept”, their latest novel at the time. I look forward to encountering them again if they return to the Texas convention circuit!

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